Reasons Why Your Job Search is Not Yielding You Results

By Catherine Palmiere

The job search process is honestly never an easy one. It used to be that you would go through the obvious four or five steps to find a job and voila, at the end of that process, you'd mostly likely have a new job. Now, however, whether you're out of work, worried about losing your job, or wishing for a BETTER job, the process is radically different than what it used to be (i.e., prepare a resume, find a staffing agent, go on interviews and contemplate your job offers). 

So if you're one of those people who think, "I have a great resume, why am I not getting called for job interviews and/or finding a job?" Well, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Many candidates feel this way. At some point - sooner is better than later - it is vitally important to go over some reasons why you may be coming up short. Let's do a little due diligence to determine where in your journey to a new job you're coming up short. Use these questions as a guide to perform your own investigation and create solutions.

* You may think you have a great resume, but it is generic? Does it show your value?
* Is your cover letter generic? Have you taken the time to personalize it for each opportunity?
* Are you taking the time to send thank you notes to everyone you interview with?
* Do you have a good web presence?
* Have you removed negative items, friends and photos from your Facebook profile?
* Are you showing up in staffing firms late, not completing applications or not well dressed?
* Is it possible that you are appearing cocky or over confident to your recruiter?
* Are you using too many recruiters, instead of building a relationship with a trusted few?
* Have you forgotten to bring a separate sheet with your references?
* Have you forgotten to turn your phone off during an interview or taken a call? (A real no no.)
* Are you applying for jobs that you are not qualified for?
* Are you depressed or feeling downcast and going into interviews that way?
If you answered yes to any of these, it's possible that you'll blow your chances of getting hired. Take the time to create a meaningful job search. One of the biggest roadblocks is when a candidate sends out dozens of resumes, but they're not applying for positions where they're well qualified. It's very easy to think that casting a wide net when looking for a job will get better results, but the truth is that taking the time to find the right fit for your expertise and experience and sending individually customized cover letters and resumes will almost always yield better results. And it will certainly help you to avoid despondency and hopelessness. TIP: It also helps to include your resume in both a text within your email AND an attachment.
Definitely take the time to send great notes to friends, colleagues and past employers to let them know that you're looking also. Be sure that your resume is customized to their industry - or even their company. And finally, remember that every interview is your chance to shine and show that particular employer or manager why you would be a great fit for their team. Be prepared and be positive. That moment is truly all that matters.

Catherine Palmiere has over twenty-seven years in the staffing industry. She is the President of well-respected NY Staffing Firm, Adam Personnel, Inc., as well as Adam Temporary Services, Inc.

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