Search Online for a New Job

By Lisette Howlett

Having decided to begin your search for a new job, you should ensure that you are covering all areas when you approach recruitment media such as the internet, newspapers, journals and local recruitment agencies.

Unfortunately too many of us often approach an online job search by searching for a few suitable jobs, registering on a website and then expecting the offers to come rolling in but you really need to put in extra efforts conducting your job search as the jobs won't come flooding in when you add your CV to a website. All that said, if you do put the time in and take action you will increase your chances of finding a suitable role - it starts here.

Plan Your Job Search

Put together a plan of your short term and longer term goals. Note down what your current skills are and of course a job that might match those skills - then your long term plan, which could be about gaining skills or experience in order that they match your 'dream' job.

Think about the type of company you are happiest working for - When do you usually perform at your best, in a formal environment or a more relaxed office?

Update your CV, have a good read of your CV and make it accessible so that you can alter it very slightly each time you submit an application so that you can tailor it to the job specification. You can do this by picking and highlighting particular work or projects you have been involved with most recently that may impress your potential employer.

Using Websites to Your Advantage

When you find a recruitment website, register and upload your CV as soon as possible. Potential employers can search through CV's that match up with their keywords (sales manager, engineer etc) but you still can't expect to leave a CV for months whilst you wait for interview offers.

If you are using lots of websites, make a note of them and login every day if you can to search their job listings. Many sites update in real time meaning you can be first to apply for a job that catches your eye. If you are applying for a job online, then tailor your CV (as above), save it and then apply - making sure the appropriate section is completed just like you would a covering letter.

If you don't find anything in a week or two, update your CV and save it - do this for all of the sites you are registered to and make sure you check for any bad grammar or spellings, the most obvious reason for people not contacting you.

Finding a job online is hard work, but the more time you put in now the more you will increase your chances of finding the most suitable role to match your skills.

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Lisette Howlett is an HR consultant who runs a successful HR Consultancy and a recruitment website

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