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Reasons Why Your Job Search is Not Yielding You Results

By Catherine Palmiere

The job search process is honestly never an easy one. It used to be that you would go through the obvious four or five steps to find a job and voila, at the end of that process, you'd mostly likely have a new job. Now, however, whether you're out of work, worried about losing your job, or wishing for a BETTER job, the process is radically different ... 

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Search Online for a New Job

By Lisette Howlett

Having decided to begin your search for a new job, you should ensure that you are covering all areas when you approach recruitment media such as the internet, newspapers, journals and local recruitment agencies.

Unfortunately too many of us often approach an online job search by searching for a few suitable jobs, registering on a website and then expecting the offers to come rolling in but you really need to put in extra efforts conducting your job search as the jobs won't come flooding in when you add your CV to a website. All that said, if you do put the time in and take action you will increase your chances of finding a suitable role - it starts here.

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5 Job Search Tips to Help You Land Your Next Job

By Scott Gordon

Before the bottom fell out of the global economy it was safe to say that if you had 60 percent to 70 percent of the listed requirements on a job description, you had a decent chance of being hired. Back then, the job market was thin on talent, and some employers found themselves grateful to have found someone who could do the job, albeit someone with partial abilities.

The job market is different now. If you're a job candidate you have to conduct your job search differently.

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